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Where Inequality of the Sexes Reigns Supreme

23rd January, 2009. 5:39 pm. modern_misogyny(missjecka)

Hey, everyone. I've created a new community for misogynists called...


I am going to work at making the community as active as can be, so please join and get it started!

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8th September, 2006. 8:42 pm. Hi(his_dumb_bitch)

Hello. This community seems dead, and that's a shame. I am a female (an expert about my sex) and a complete misogynist. I wanted to introduce myself and share in your hatred for the "empowered" woman.

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25th August, 2006. 11:32 pm. an excellent article for this community(gunlord)

How Feminism Destroyed Real Men

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24th August, 2006. 1:21 pm. porn?(earthlingmike)

So, anyone know some good porn that really objectifies women? Sharing is caring, thanks.

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14th July, 2005. 4:46 pm.(godlysadist)

It looks like this community has a little toy cum slut to do what We want with.

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13th July, 2005. 6:50 am. New member intro(hurt_me_daddy)

Though I'm not a man, I do hate women and think we are weaker, inferior, and should be legally enslaved to men across the globe. I like being a whore and pain slut for men. It's all I'm good for. I live and breathe to serve men. Thank you for allowing me to express that.

Current mood: humble.

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